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Membership Agreement

Bonjour!  Welcome to Sophie Paris!

Please read this Membership Agreement carefully.  By submitting your full Member registration form thru this online platform (, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms outlined below and that you AGREE to be bound to this Membership Agreement. 

  1. The Member shall comply with the Code of Ethics of Sophie Paris Philippines, Inc. (SPPI), as well as be bound to SPPI’s business policies. SPPI reserves the right to change, discontinue, or add new policies with or without prior notice. Please refer to the Member Guidebook for a copy of the Code of Ethics and latest business policies.
  2. A Sophie Paris Member may only submit one official Member Registration Form. If more than one form is submitted by a candidate Member, whether offline or online, only the first submitted Member Registration Form will be accepted by SPPI.
  3. A Member should at least be 18 years of age at the time of registration and must provide a copy of a valid ID.
  4. Only individuals may submit Membership applications. A husband and wife team shall be issued only one Membership code. Should it be found that two people from one family are holding individual Memberships, SPPI reserves the right to cancel either one or both Memberships.
  5. Members are not employees of SPPI and therefore have no right or authority to enter into a contract on behalf of SPPI, nor represent SPPI in any legal capacity whatsoever.
  6. Members are required to perform every obligation based on the Membership Agreement.
  7. A Member has the right to sponsor new Members in order to develop his/her network. A new or candidate Member also has the right to choose his or her sponsor. Having a sponsor is not a compulsory Membership application requirement.
  8. A Sophie Paris Member who has already been issued a Member code shall, in no circumstances, be permitted to take on a new Member code. Should a Member be found to be holding multiple Member codes, SPPI reserves the right to delete one or all of the Member’s Member codes from its database.
  9. The Member shall do his/her best to explain the Sophie Paris marketing system and compensation plan. SPPI shall not be liable for any misrepresentation done by the Member, whether intentional or not, or for any information that conflicts with the Member's Guidebook, whether such information was imparted verbally or in writing by a Member to a customer or candidate Member that is being sponsored.
  10. The Member shall strictly follow retail prices determined by SPPI for each product and supporting product(s).
  11. The Member, as a self employed person, shall be fully responsible for all of his/her business activities, and shall ensure that such activities are fully compliant with local rules and regulations. The Member shall enjoy the status of a partner of SPPI.
  12. The Member shall only be permitted to purchase Sophie Paris products at and from authorized Business Centers.
  13. SPPI shall enjoy absolute discretion to amend/update/change or delete partially or in full any part of this Agreement without the need for prior consent of Members, or the need to give prior notice to the Members.
  14. In case SPPI is able to prove that a Member's bonus could not be released because of the Member's failure to complete the Member Registration Requirements or provide valid bank account details, SPPI shall forfeit the Member's Bonus after a 12-month accumulation period. Likewise, if a Member's bonus and/or Sophie Paris-BDO co-branded card remains unclaimed within 12 months from notice of availability, SPPI shall forfeit the corresponding Member's accumulated bonus and/ or discard the co-branded card.
  15. The Member’s use of the Brand and or Sophie Paris logo must have a written permission from the SPPI Management.
  16. In case a Member's spouse wants to own or operate a similar MLM company as Sophie Paris, the concerned Member is obligated to resign from his/her Membership one month prior to the opening of his/ her spouse’s business. Violating this rule may result in the cancellation of his/ her Sophie Paris Membership.
  17. SPPI has the right to cancel the Membership of a Member that has been proven to be in violation of the Sophie Paris Code of Ethics and other business policies. A Member is prohibited from engaging in any business or personal activity with any Sophie Paris employee(s) and or Sophie Paris supplier(s) which might compromise SPPI and / or any other members.
  18. In the unfortunate instance that a Member passes away, all rights of the deceased Member will be transferred to his/her beneficiaries/heir/heirs according to custom/rule/law.
  19. The terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement and Guidebook shall constitute the full and binding agreement between SPPI and the Member.
  20. In case of conflict with the Member Guidebook, the terms and conditions stated in the Member Guidebook shall take precedence over these terms.