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Leader in the Spotlight: Ruel Cruz

Leader in the Spotlight: Ruel Cruz

Find out how this proud Sophienista dad found himself managing a business that largely caters to women!

Name: Ruel Cruz
Age:     33 Years old
*Leader from BC Kapasigan

How did you find out about Sophie Paris?
My wife introduced me to Sophie Paris. She was just a consumer at first, then she eventually became a member. I saw how she earned extra income by selling Sophie products.

What encouraged you to pursue a Sophie business?
I decided to become a member when my wife invited me to go on a date. We went to KFC where a Sophie Catalog launching was being held. At first, I refused to go because almost all the attendees were women. But since I promised my wife, I had no choice. Plus, it was a date. In the said event, I met Ms. Eloisa Castor, the Owner BC Kapasigan. She discussed the member benefits, the member levels, and the rebates. I saw the potential of this kind of business and I had many questions that Mam Eloisa entertained. That same day, I decided to become a member.

How was the start of your Sophie journey?
I was lucky when my wife was offered the opportunity to continue the operations of the Sophie store in Tuktukan, Taguig. I agreed to manage the said store since my wife had a regular job. It was challenging at first, especially for me since Sophie products are mostly for women. I remember a funny experience when a customer asked for my opinion on what lipstick shade would look good on her and I had no idea what to answer! I called my wife and she laughed at my dilemma.

What were your initial fears and how did you over­come them?
The start of any business is always uncertain and there’s always the fear of “What if I don’t succeed?” But I learned to focus on our business and study it. READ, LEARN, AND EARN. I always attend Members’ Orientations, and SLC Trainings to learn more. I learned a lot about the Sophie business through the B.O.S.S. I read and study the guidelines so I can discuss them to my customers and encourage them to be a Sophie Member.

How has Sophie helped you achieve your dreams and aspirations and how has it affected your life?
Sophie helped me develop into a leader. My dream was to operate and have my own business. Sophie helped me achieve that dream and at the same time, it gave me the freedom of time. Wala akong boss. I just communicate with my members thru text or messenger. Time is important to all of us and having my own business allows me to have more time for my family and to do Church duty. God first before anything else! These are the reasons why I will continue to work harder on my Sophie business.

What excites you about Sophie? What motivates you to succeed?
My family is the answer to all of my biggest WHY?’s: Why should I continue? Why should I succeed? Even in hard times, my family is what motivates me to move forward. On top of that, the incentives that Sophie gives their  hardworking members, having more ways to earn, and being given opportunities to help others develop their leadership skills are also very motivating for me.

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie Members who aspire to become Sophie Leaders?
If you want to be a leader you must be a good follow­er. Walang magaling na leader kung walang magaling na downline.

What is your Sophie goal this 2019?
More Sophie Stores (BC or Sub Center)  with my business partner Mam Merle Tulayan (BC operator of SOPHIE-ROSARIO).