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Leader in the Spotlight: Rochelle Cruz

Leader in the Spotlight: Rochelle Cruz

Meet our "raketera" single mom from Alabang whose passion for fashion and pure motherly love paved the way to a successful Sophie business.

NAME: Rochelle Cruz
AGE:   42 Years Old
*Member since 2017

What encouraged you to pursue a Sophie Business? 
The first Sophie event I attended was a launching of the August 2017 Catalog where I met the BC owner, Ms. Ron­alyn Guntang. Hearing their Sophie success stories, witnessing how Sophienistas are doing, and seeing the actual Sophie products were great motivation for me to pursue a Sophie Business. Impressive indeed! 

How was the start of your Sophie journey?
At first, I was hesitant to sell or offer Sophie products. I’ve been selling products and services before but only the ones that I have been using and can prove are the best. So I tried the cosmetics myself and showed the catalog to some of my friends. It was good! Then I found out about the Sophie Leaders Club. Yes, it was challenging, but the rewards were remarkable!

How did you overcome the challenges you experienced?
Every time I felt down or rejected, I would pause, pray, and seek guidance not just from God but from my mentors, Ms. Ronalyn Guntang and Ms. Beth Leynes, as well. The Lead­ers Meetings and training sessions helped me a lot. What I learned from them helped me stay focused, be consistent, and stay motivated.

Do you feel that Sophie was able to develop you personally and professionally?
Yes, a lot! Being active in recruitment, attending catalog launches, meetings and training sessions developed me to become the Leader I am now. 

How has Sophie helped you achieve your dreams and aspirations and how has it affected your life?
One of the hardest things as a single parents is leaving my kids because I have to work. With Sophie, I am able to earn and be with my kids because I can work online using social media to promote Sophie products. Sophie really helped me a lot and I would say that it is already in my system. I carry Sophie everywhere I go. Either I sell or encourage people to join. Once I start talking about Sophie, I find it hard to stop! I find the thought of growing my business and earning more very motivating. Building a strong network, developing and inspiring more leaders is truly exciting for me.

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie Members who aspire to become Sophie Leaders?
To members who want to become Sophie Leaders, always believe in yourself. Believe that you can. Be consistent. Be focused. We all have our time to shine like a diamond, but we have to pass thru that polishing process first in order to shine. Trials and challenges will always be there but they are part of the process.

What is your Sophie goal this 2019?
This 2019, my goal is to develop more leaders and build a stronger network. I always believe that what I share comes back double. Sharing Sophie and developing more leaders means success and more earnings for all of us.