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Leader in the Spotlight: Noemi Fernando

Leader in the Spotlight: Noemi Fernando

Be inspired by how this mom was able to achieve the perfect balance for her family, her business, and her personal growth.

NAME:            Noemie Fernando
Age:                 36 years old
*Member since September 2018

How did you find out about Sophie Paris and our products?
I first heard of Sophie Paris back in 2005 and I remem­ber buying and using the products, but I never had the interest of becoming a member. On September 2018, I bought a Sophie bag from a friend for personal use and she invited me to become a member. My friend also started introducing Sophie to other possible recruits and upon seeing this, I started to like the idea of recruiting members to be part of the wonderful world of Sophie, which ultimately led me to become a Sophienista.

What encouraged you to pursue a Sophie Business?
There’s something in Sophie that pushed me to become an entrepreneur. Seeing your recruits have a business of their own by selling our high-quality products that are well-loved by many, and experiencing how recognition is generously given to efforts and achievements encour­aged me even more to introduce the business to other people and pursue a Sophie business.

How was the start of your Sophie journey?
It was great! I started as a consumer and small dealer of Sophie products. Upon meeting our Sophie Paris Zamboanga Business Center Owner, Ma’am Carissa, she immediately motivated and inspired me to start a business with Sophie, to which I gladly followed. With my eagerness and passion, I became a Junior Franchisee on my first month of being a member, and later I also became a Silver Franchisee.

What were your initial fears and challenges and how did you overcome them?
People would turn me down. I believe that one of the challenges is when people doubt you and the Sophie business which will eventually lead them to reject you. “You can never please everyone,” that is what I always tell myself. If others won’t believe you and what you do, then accept it. Negativity will never lead to anything good. If you ever experience refusal from other people, accept it and don’t let such negativity get the best of you!

Do you feel that Sophie was able to develop you personally and professionally?
Sophie did not only help me grow professionally as an entrepreneur but it also helped me to be the person that I am now. Recruiting new members, selling products online and live, and being recognized by Sophie as a great influencer and leader molded me into a flexible and strategic entrepreneur. This made me realize that even as a housewife I can become successful and I can inspire other moms to become successful too. Participating actively and enthusiastically in Sophie Pink Tent events made me become a better public speaker. I may not speak English fluently but I can share the world of Sophie to others through such events.

How has Sophie helped you achieve your dreams and aspirations and how has it affected your life?
Before meeting Sophie Paris, I was ready to teach in TESDA, the salary of­fer was fair enough. I thought that in the long run, such job will make me miss out on my family and I wanted to have time for them and bond with them. Fortunately, Sophie helped me achieve this dream! I still work but Sophie does not demand me to give all my time to them – I still get to spend more time with my family. Also, having a Sophie business opened my eyes to new fashion trends (i.e., bags, makeup, etc.), and I gladly embraced such change! I also get to inspire my members, friends, family, and fellow moms and affect positive change in their lives.

What excites you about Sophie? What motivates you to succeed?
Everything! Aside from the rewards, the opportunity to meet different kinds of people with different backgrounds excite me because this means that I get to share Sophie with more people. Sophie never fails to make me feel appreciated. The feeling of having a package delivered to my doorstep is always exciting and unreal, it feels like a dream! My family, especially my loving husband, is always there to motivate me and support every endeavor I wish to take. The eagerness and enthusiasm of my mem­bers to introduce Sophie to others also keeps me going; they remind me that Sophie needs to be shared to everyone. 

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie Members who aspire to become Sophie Leaders?
Never compare yourself to others but let their achievements, hard work, enthusiasm and passion inspire you. Through hard work and your own ability, you can achieve just as much. Always remember if it’s meant for you, it will happen and your hard work will all pay off if you just have faith and trust in the Lord.

What is your Sophie goal this 2019?
Since joining Sophie, I have been God’s instrument in sharing the won­derful world of Sophie to others by inspiring and motivating people to work hard to achieve success. As a certified Sophienista, I aim to continue to be a great influencer and leader, so that someday a network of leaders will remind everyone that anyone can be successful through effort, enthu­siasm, and passion in Sophie! #StrongSophie2019