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Leader in the Spotlight: Melanie Villanueva

Leader in the Spotlight: Melanie Villanueva

This leader proves that dreams really do come true when you focus and work hard to achieve it.

Name: Melanie Villanueva
Diamond Franchisee
*Member since 2014

How did you find out about Sophie Paris and what encouraged you to pursue a Sophie Business?
I learned about Sophie Paris when it was introduced to me by my workmate. I started as a consumer. I decided to pursue a Sophie business because I wanted to earn extra income.

How was the start of your Sophie journey? What were your fears and how did you overcome them?
I’m glad to share that the start of my Sophie business was great! I received a lot of orders because my customers already know the brand. At first, I was really afraid to be rejected, or worse be completely ignored. But I was able to overcome that by studying the business, the marketing plan, and the features of every product. This gave me more confidence when offering the products. Plus, I was able to make it easier for my customers to purchase because I deliver the products to them.

How did Sophie help you achieve your dreams and how did it affect your life?
Sophie developed me personally and professionally thanks to the regular orientations, meetings, Beauty Academy trainings and catalog launches held by our kindhearted BC Sta. Rosa Owner, Ma’am Jocelyn Morales. I gained a lot of new friends while helping them earn extra income, enhancing their knowledge about the Sophie business, and helping them develop into leaders as well.

Sophie also helped me financially by enabling me to provide my family’s basic needs. And best of all, Sophie made it possible for me to achieve my dream of traveling abroad! Thanks to Sophie Paris, I’ll be going on an all-expense paid Asian Cruise, plus pocket money pa! I feel proud that out of the many Sophie Leaders nationwide, I am one of the lucky few to be given the chance to join the cruise with some of the Top BC Owners of Sophie Paris Philippines. :)

What excites and motivates you to succeed?
What’s exciting about Sophie Paris is its generosity to its members. Sophie offers a lot of promos, freebies, lovely rewards, and of course, the opportunity to travel abroad.

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie members who aspire to become leaders?
A few tips that I always share with others are, first and foremost, in everything that you do, always seek for God’s guidance. Be determined, madiskarte, and sabayan ng sipag at tiyaga. Focus on your goals and put your heart into everything that you do until you finally achieve your dreams.

What is your Sophie 2019 goal?
My Sophie Goal this 2019 is to hit my SLC targets and qualify again!