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Leader in the Spotlight: Divine Mamuad

Leader in the Spotlight: Divine Mamuad

Be inspired by this self-driven stay-at-home mom who has found fulfillment in her Sophie business!

NAME: Divine Mamuad
Gold Franchisee
*Member Since July 2019


How did you find out about Sophie Paris?
A friend asked me to try Sophie lipsticks and I chose Soft Matte Lip Color Navajo. It was a “love-at-first-glide” moment! I loved its texture and color so much that I posted it on my Facebook and a lot of my friends asked where they can buy it and how much it costs. So the idea to join and sell it myself came to mind. On my joining month, I was able to sell 25 pcs of Sophie Soft Matte Navajo lipsticks!

What encouraged you to pursue a Sophie Business?
I decided to pursue my Sophie business when I started earning just by using social media. My online selling business started and I learned that Facebook can also be used as a source of income. I was able to reconnect with friends and help them have their own business as well. On my second month, I got promoted to Junior franchisee and I discovered that aside from the 30% commission, I can also earn rebates, royalty bonus, and get gifts & freebies every time I hit the target sales. It’s fulfilling to know that I can earn while staying at home. This is a great opportunity for every housewife who wants to help their spouse with finances.

How was the start of your Sophie journey?
It was really fun and a no-sweat-job for me because it fits me. Trying different lipsticks is just a perk. I was able to save gifts for friends and relatives for Christmas and my love for fashion made my marketing strategy easy. I didn’t even realize that it’s already my first year anniversary as a member! Truly if you enjoy the things you do, you won’t notice time pass by. :)

What were your fears and how did you overcome them?
Honestly, I didn’t fear anything. I am aware that businesses have ups and downs, we just have to be prepared for every circumstances that may occur during our journey. Having a strong foundation helps. I have trusted friends and partners, and found new friends in Sophie who believe and trust me. Plus, having my family beside me gives me the strength to face all challenges. Being part of Sophie gives me the opportunity to shine and re-explore my passion for fashion while still having time to be a mother and a wife.

How was Sophie able to develop you personally?
I really think that Sophie enhanced my love for fashion and my leadership skills through the trainings and team building activities. Sophie also helped me boost my confidence and communication skills by giving me the opportunity to speak in front of an audience to share tips and inspire others.

How did Sophie help you achieve your dreams and how did it affect your life?
Sophie helped me discover a new side of me. I never thought that I could manage a business and it gave me more confidence especially when dealing with other people. It’s a great feeling when someone becomes comfortable talking to you because you have gained their trust and they eventually join your team later on.  

Sophie also changed my life financially. Many people say that having a single source of income is no longer advisable nowadays. Before, I would just wait for my husband’s salary and budget it until the next cut-off. But since I joined Sophie, I can now contribute to our expenses. It’s very fulfilling to be a hands-on and stay-at-home mom and be able to earn and buy things for my family without worrying too much about our finances. We were even able to travel thanks to my earnings! Isn’t that amazing?

What excites and motivates you to succeed?
One of the things that excite and motivate me is Sophie’s monthly promos because my team and I enjoy the challenge of reaching the target sales and encouraging each other to qualify for the promos. I am also motivated to succeed because of my family, my team, and my upline. I want them to be proud of me and I want to inspire them as well. I envision our team to reach our goals, become successful Sophienistas, make a name for ourselves in this line of business, and be an inspiration to others, especially to all stay-at-home-moms. I want them to know their worth and that they can do more even while they are at home.

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie members who aspire to become leaders?
My advice is to keep motivated. Focus on their goal. Never compare your success to others because everyone has their own path. Develop your communication skills, which is most important when entering sales. Keep asking the guidance of the Lord and He will always provide. And don’t forget to enjoy!

What is your Sophie 2019 goal?
My #StrongSophie2019 goal is to build a stronger and more motivated team. I hope to be able to establish a Business Center (BC) and have a wider network. Though it may be a bit too early for me to be a BC but I’m setting it as my goal for my own motivation. I also aim to travel abroad with my family and my team. :)