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Leader in the Spotlight: Cindi Labucay

Leader in the Spotlight: Cindi Labucay

Find out how this young Sophienista was able to achieve her Diamond Franchisee status in a matter of months!

Name: Cindy Labucay
Age:    28 years old
*Member since 2018

How did you find out about Sophie Paris and our products?
I first heard about Sophie Paris back in high school and I remember I saved up for a sling bag worth 499 which I still use up until college. Then after 11 years, a friend introduced me to our instant bloomer product, the Sophie Magic Pink Cream which I grew very fond of. This led to my rediscovery of Sophie Paris and me becoming a certified Sophienista.

What encouraged you to pursue a Sophie Business?
I have been offered other business opportunities but I was only able to see myself with Sophie Paris. The brand was able to capture my heart! On top of that, the excellent product quality and trendy designs were great encouragement for me to pursue a Sophie business because they are very easy to sell. Having a very accommodating and understanding Business Center, BC Abulug, and having my happy and loving SOPHIE with CINDI members, also keep me motivated to continue pursuing my Sophie Business. Their trust and belief in my leadership combined with the amazing support of my family and my boyfriend, Neil, fuel my passion further and encourage me to keep on going.

How was the start of your Sophie journey?
It was fun! On my fi rst meeting with our Area Sales Manager (ASM), I actually bought 100 Starter Kits! I am really determined to share this wonderful business. With my enthusiasm, I became a Silver Franchisee on my first month, Gold Franchisee on my 2nd month and Diamond Franchisee on my third month! Also, only Sophie Paris made me post and sell products online which never in my wildest dreams did I think of doing before.

What were your initial fears and challenges and how did you overcome them?
Rejection. I believe that the hardest challenge that you’ll ever meet is rejection. I have shed a lot of tears and heartaches not only at the start but throughout my Sophie journey. It may be hard but the satisfaction you get after overcoming challenges is priceless. So if you ever experience rejection or failure, just pray, stand up and fight again!

Do you feel that Sophie was able to develop you personally and professionally?
Everything I did and still do for my Sophie business help me grow not only as an entrepreneur but as the person I want to become. Recruitment activities make me more versatile in dealing with different people. Online selling and live Sophie promotions gave me room to be more creative and discover strategies on how to please the market. And my most favorite activity, the catalogue launching, inspires me because I get to award achievers from previous months. These activities add to my determination because they show the results of our hardships and I am very eager to share the success with my sissies, memshies, and madams (how I call my recruits).

How has Sophie helped you achieve your dreams and aspirations and how has it affected your life?
Before I met Sophie Paris, I was managing a plant shop and a coconut business. Being in the field means a lot of sun, dust and sweat, which made me somehow dream of a glamorous business where I get to look fabulous. Luckily, Sophie helped me make that dream come true! I still work in the farm but now with fashion – I always look fab thanks to my favorite Sophie lipstick and Magic Pink! Also, since having a Sophie business, I was able to widen my network, gain a lot of friends and meet a lot of acquaintances. I also believe that the instant glow from my favorite Magic Pink helped me exude more confidence and led me to find myself in a good relationship.

What excites you about Sophie? What motivates you to succeed?
Everything about Sophie actually thrills me! Aside from the profit, Sophie is very generous in recognizing your achievements, no matter how big or small they may be. Sophie provides rewards and prizes for every effort. I love how it feels when I order via e-Sophie and receive my purchases in a package. It feels like I just received a gift or a balikbayan box, the happiness is surreal.

Do you have any tips you want to share to other Sophie Members who aspire to become Sophie Leaders?
Don’t ever compare your achievements to others. Focus on your goals, work on it and strengthen your faith and trust in God. I assure you it pays off.

What is your Sophie goal this 2019?
When I joined Sophie and saw all the achievers and leaders’ testimonials, I promised to myself to someday be featured in Sophie Paris too! With God’s grace and the brilliant Sophie Paris team, I have reached my goal too soon! But I will not just stop there. I aim to continue influencing and growing my network so that someday, we will be painting not only the Philippines but the world with pink! #StrongSophie2019