Know more about the new Member Benefits to maximize your savings & Sophie earnings in the #SophieBizTalk Facebook Live. Follow Sophie Paris Ph on Facebook and tune in every 5PM (MWF). Catch exclusive limited-time only promo codes too! See you online!

Catch #SophieBizTalk!

Catch #SophieBizTalk!

Learn more about the new Sophie Member Benefits so you can maximize your Sophie earnings!

Catch our regular #SophieBizTalk Facebook Live Sessions every 5PM on the dates below. You can also invite your prospects and recruits to our New Members Orientation so they can learn more about Sophie Paris!

APRIL 17 (3PM | SAT)  New Members Orientation
APRIL 19 (5PM | MON)  #SophieBizTalk
APRIL 21 (5PM | WED)  #SophieBizTalk
APRIL 23 (5PM | FRI)  #SophieBizTalk
APRIL 24 (3PM | SAT)  New Members Orientation
APRIL 26(5PM | MON)  #SophieBizTalk
APRIL 28 (5PM | WED)  #SophieBizTalk
APRIL 30 (5PM | FRI)  #SophieBizTalk


Mini games & freebies await attendees. See you online, Sophienistas!