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Achieving the perfect glow with Sophie Paris’ Natural Bright Tone-Up Cream

Achieving the perfect glow with Sophie Paris’ Natural Bright Tone-Up Cream

Everyone wants to have that healthy, radiant, and younger-looking skin. It’s definitely a major confidence booster. But sadly, not everyone can easily achieve it. Oftentimes, it takes time and money. But hey, Sophie Paris is here to help!

You can achieve that glow with the Sophie Paris Natural Bright Tone-Up Cream. It’s a facial cream that helps provide a brightening effect in an instant – without the white cast look (that we all hate!).

It is perfect for on-the-go gals who have little time to do their beauty routines. It has the following benefits too:

    Moisturizer is a MUST! To maintain that younger looking and wrinkle free skin, never ever forget to MOISTURIZE! Good thing our Natural Tone-Up Cream is formulated with moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
    Formulated with brightening agents, it will make your skin radiant in an instant!

    The sun’s UV radiation is a NO-NO because it causes premature skin aging! Our Natural Tone-Up Cream is packed with UV protection agents that will surely protect your skin from premature aging.

    Not only for skin care, but it can also function as a make-up base. Because of its brightening effect, it can reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections, thus making them easier to conceal.

    With all these benefits, the best is that it’s very affordable! Regular price is only P159 but you can get it at a much lower price as a Sophie member – 30% less thanks to the lifetime member discount!

So what are you waiting for, Sophiensitas? It’s time to add this baby to your everyday beauty routine! This tone up cream is a Certified #Sophienista must-have so get yours now!